We have a hotel block under the name Merk and Cooke Wedding! It is at the Skirvin in downtown OKC. Perfect to have a lot of walkable attractions nearby so you don't need to get a rental vehicle if you do not want to! You can call 1-800-HILTONS and mention our wedding block or you can visit the link below and use the code MCW. We cannot wait to see everyone!

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Busing to Aspen Ranch

There will be a bus that will take guests from The Skirvin to Aspen Ranch and back. If you are wanting a ride and are not in the hotel, there are limited seats, but you can go to the hotel loading area and hop on the bus! Let Lauren know ahead of time if that's what you're wanting to do. The bus will be leaving The Skirvin at 5:30PM so be sure to arrive a bit early. As for departure from Aspen Ranch, the bus will be on site throughout the duration of the wedding and reception and will be available for departure by 10:30PM.