Lauren and Kelly

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Our Story

Kelly and Lauren met through an online app called tinder. The person who made the first move was Kelly, traveling about 3 hours to meet up with Lauren for the first time in Fayetteville and the rest became history. For the first year of the relationship we would see each other every weekend taking turns driving to and from Fayetteville, Arkansas to Stillwater, Oklahoma. But let us tell you, it was ALWAYS worth the trip. We spent a lot of our time together hiking with the dogs and just making the most out of our time :) once Lauren graduated from UA and Kelly graduated from OSU we decided to move to Colorado!! We went hiking a lot and found our mutual love for breweries! Move forward about two years we moved to Edmond to be closer to one of our families and it's where we moved in together! We have been through a lot in Edmond from having roommates (my little sister and her husband) to surviving the pandemic to eventually buying our own place! We are an extremely happy little family with us, our dogs, and quite a few reptiles! We can't wait to see where this adventure called life takes us and we can't wait to do it beside each other. ☺️❤️